Return Policy

For safety and health reasons, we do not offer returns or exchanges. All of our products are used or can be used in food and/or beverage preparation; therefore, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you return any items to us unauthorized you will not be refunded for the items or shipping.

 *We are not responsible for melted chocolate during shipping, No refunds will be issued. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our goal is to source and produce quality products for you to use for your baking and sweet treat needs. Quality levels can vaguely vary depending on the manufacturer. We strive to carry items that range from good to great. We are not responsible for how a product works or the results you may get. Please ask additional questions before ordering if you have any concerns on an item or its performance. With baking supplies there are many factors involved besides the item itself that can affect results including the recipe, humidity, elevation, moisture, etc. We, ourselves, have used or tested most items we carry, and are devoted bakers. Also, in some cases we can share customer experiences of items if you need more details than the product listing offers.