Q. What if is have an issue with my order?

If there is a problem with your online order, please contact us within 2 business days of receiving your order.

If you received the wrong items/order in some cases, we may ask you to ship back the item(s) that were incorrect.

PLEASE NOTE: We may ask for a photo to be taken to show us the order you received so we can see the error that was made. This is simply for our records. This also helps us to see if orders were mixed up so we may contact another customer if needed.

Q. Where do i pick up?

A. 1520 Overland Park Lane Ste 109 side entrance from Jazzy Cheesecakes 


Q. Do you print edible images?

A. Yes we print images as is, we DO NOT alter images in any way. 


Q. Do you ship? 

A. Yes all order ship within 2 business days or less 


Q. Can i make purchase at the pickup location? 

A. No, all order are processed online. 


Q. What are your pickup hours?



Thursday & Friday